On January 20, China Coal Transportation and Marketing Association organized a video conference on economic operation analysis of some large coal enterprises. The participating companies said that the next step will be to solidly promote the connection between coal production and transportation and the performance of coal medium and long-term contracts, continue to do a good job in ensuring coal supply and price, maintain normal coal production, ensure power generation and heating and raw material coal demand, and strengthen key points. To ensure regional resources, ensure the supply and price of coal during the Spring Festival, the Winter Olympics, and the Winter Paralympic Games to ensure a safe and stable supply of coal.

Affected by the repeated epidemics, the withdrawal of the Fed’s loose monetary policy, and high inflation, the global economic operation in 2022 will face greater uncertainty; my country’s economic operation is set to “steady words and seek progress while maintaining stability”, and it is expected that there will be corresponding policies on the policy side. Incentive measures will be introduced; in order to curb inflation, monetary policy will be more flexible and precise; under the carbon peaking target, the export volume of high energy-consuming products such as steel will be suppressed. Therefore, in 2022, the price of China’s steel market will still fluctuate widely, and the trend of varieties will also be differentiated.

Post time: Jan-21-2022