Galvanized steel sheet is a registered trademark of BIEC International Inc., which is one of the world patents of BIEC. 31 steel mills in 22 countries around the world have obtained production technology and licenses from BIEC International, and are producing galvanized steel sheets with a surface coating of 55% aluminum-zinc alloy.



1. Heat reflectivity:

The thermal reflectivity of galvanized steel sheet is very high, twice that of galvanized steel sheet, and people often use it as a thermal insulation material.

2. Heat resistance:

Aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate has good heat resistance and can withstand high temperature of more than 300 degrees Celsius, which is very similar to high-temperature oxidation resistance of aluminized steel plate.

4. Easy to paint

The galvanized sheet has excellent adhesion to the paint and can be painted without pretreatment and weathering.

5. Galvanized steel sheet has a gorgeous surface of silvery white.

6. Galvanized steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet have similar processing  performance and spraying performance



Construction: Roofs, Walls, Garages, Acoustic Walls, Plumbing and Modular Houses, etc.

Automotive: mufflers, exhaust pipes, wiper attachments, fuel tanks, truck boxes, etc.

Home appliances: refrigerator back panel, gas stove, air conditioner, electronic microwave oven, LCD frame, CRT explosion-proof belt, LED backlight, electrical cabinet, etc. Agricultural use: pig house, chicken house, granary, greenhouse pipes, etc.

Others: Thermal insulation cover, heat exchanger, dryer, water heater, etc.

Post time: Sep-08-2022