Special Steel Is An Important Support For The Construction Of Modern Steel Power

According to the requirements of the 14th five-year plan of special steel industry, China's special steel industry should strive to form advanced technology, stable quality, prominent brand, green and low-carbon, good economic benefits, strong comprehensive competitiveness of the development pattern, the construction of a group of international competitiveness of special steel enterprises by 2025.

One is to crack the neck of the special steel products.

Special steel enterprises need to take the initiative, around the industrial chain, innovation chain and ecological chain layout.Strengthen material basic research and key process technology research and development, improve service level, strengthen cooperation with downstream, break barriers, and realize integrated development with upstream and downstream industries.

Second, we will vigorously promote independent innovation.

It is necessary to strengthen the construction of innovation capacity, accurately grasp the innovation direction of special steel industry, and concentrate resources on the replacement of imported products, key materials and technologies of "bottleneck" to achieve breakthroughs. Should strengthen innovation capacity construction, accurate grasp.

Third, we will accelerate the transformation of ultra-low emissions.

We should grasp the development direction of transformation and control technology in organized discharge, unorganized discharge and bulk material transportation, comprehensively implement pollutant emission control, achieve ultra-low emissions, comprehensively improve the level of environmental protection, and build ecological and green factories.

Fourth, we accelerated the pace of mergers and reorganizations.

To build international advanced level of industry leading enterprises, as well as a small number of small and medium-sized special steel enterprises with strong product specialization and obvious quality advantages.

Fifth, we will promote smart development.

We will deepen the intelligent transformation of enterprises, build industry-oriented collaborative manufacturing platforms, and enhance the public service capacity of intelligent manufacturing.

Sixth, we will implement the international development strategy.

Make full use of both domestic and foreign markets, actively implement the internationalization strategy, constantly improve product quality and sea service capacity, smooth overseas marketing channels, establish overseas RESEARCH and development centers, layout overseas production enterprises, accelerate the participation in the international market competition.

Seventh, promoting standards leads development.

We will focus on increasing the supply of cash products, strengthen the revision of equipment technology and intelligent manufacturing standards and improve the relevant standards system, and become a strong steel and special steel country in the course of high-quality development.

Eighth, implement low-carbon development.

Firmly implement low-carbon policies, optimize energy use and process structure, build circular economy industry chain, and promote low-carbon development of the whole industry chain;We will adjust the product mix and guide the consumption of green, low-carbon, high-end steel.

Post time: Nov-09-2021