According to the data information of China Steel Network on March 14, today’s steel prices are weak and down, snails are weak in the late afternoon, and businessmen’s mentality has weakened. There are frequent epidemics in the country, and the terminal demand for strip steel has not increased but decreased. The overall situation is not prosperous in the peak season, and the market price is under pressure. Considering the 60% drop in billet, it is expected that steel prices may decline in a narrow range tomorrow.
On the 14th, the market price of building materials fell weakly. The average price of rebar in major cities was 4,915 yuan/ton, down 30 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The futures thread fell sharply. The closing price of the main contract was 4695 yuan/ton, which was 199 yuan/ton lower than the settlement price of the previous working day, and a discount of 195 yuan/ton compared with the Hangzhou Zhongtian thread market price of 4890 yuan/ton. On Monday morning, the mainstream resources of East China building materials market fell slightly by 30 yuan / ton. After the market opened, the futures screw fell sharply, and the market sentiment was sluggish. Some merchants lowered their prices twice in order to deliver goods, with a cumulative drop of 40-70 yuan/ton. Affected by the recent epidemic, some construction sites were suspended during weekends, which affected downstream demand and short-term demand. Some docks in Hangzhou have stopped operations, and the outbound situation has been disturbed to a certain extent. After the Two Sessions and the Paralympic Games, steel mills in North China are expected to resume production, and the pressure on the supply side will gradually appear. It is expected that tomorrow’s building materials market quotations will be mainly volatile.
Liaocheng Bangrun Metal Materials Co., Ltd. hereby provides advice to new and old customers: If you need to place an order in the near future, please negotiate the order online as soon as possible. Due to the international situation and the domestic epidemic situation, steel will continue to rise. Buying early is to save costs.

Post time: Mar-16-2022