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Precision aluminum coils are metal products for flying shears after rolling and bending angle processing by the casting and rolling mill. They can be divided into 1000 series, 2000 series, 3000 series, 4000 series and so on.

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Our company mainly develops and produces special aluminum alloy products such as architectural aluminum profiles, industrial materials, high-end decorative materials, aerospace and military industries. Relying on aviation aluminum alloy production technology and leading transportation products, it is committed to providing high-quality products and services for industries such as aerospace, rail transit, automobiles, ships, electronics, construction, and molds. Products have been widely used in the above markets, we have the best quality at the same price, and we ship the fastest with similar quality.

Our main products include alloy aluminum coils, hollow glass strip aluminum coils, radiator aluminum coils, heat preservation and anticorrosion aluminum coils, aluminum coils, transformer aluminum coils, etc. According to your needs, we will straighten, cut, pack, paint, etc. your products. Meeting your needs is our biggest appeal. Our long-term partners include China Baosteel, Nanshan Aluminum, Korea Aluminum, Southwest Aluminum, China Huawei, Alcoa, China Aluminum, etc. The customer satisfaction in the industry is high, the quality is excellent, and the service attitude far exceeds that of peers.

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5052 Precision aluminum coil4

5052 Precision aluminum coil

Orange peel pattern insulation aluminum coil 5

Orange peel pattern insulation aluminum coil

303 aluminum coil 3

303 aluminum coil

1060 pure aluminum strip aluminum coil1

1060 pure aluminum strip aluminum coil

1060 colored aluminum coil color aluminum coil 2

1060 colored aluminum coil color aluminum coil

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