China High Quality Cold Drawn Refined Welded Precision Aluminum Tube

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Precision aluminum tube is a kind of aluminum tube. According to the processing method, the precision aluminum tube is divided into: cold-drawn and fine-drawn. Precision aluminum tube, rolled aluminum tube, welded tube. Among them, the cold-drawn aluminum tube has the highest precision, the best surface quality, and the best mechanical properties.

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1 Cold-drawn fine-drawn precision aluminum tube: The raw material is extruded aluminum tube and rolled aluminum tube. The aluminum tube processed by this processing method: high precision, smooth inner and outer surfaces, and the best of the three mechanical properties. Therefore, it is widely used in various industries, such as luggage trolley, film and television tripod, heating plate of electric heating equipment.

In modern industry, many products must use cold-drawn precision drawn precision aluminum tubes, such as oil pipelines for automobiles, aerospace, laser fax, photosensitive drums in printers, aluminum tubes for magnetic rollers, etc. For precision turned parts, To reduce the turning allowance and increase the yield rate, cold-drawn aluminum tubes are also attracting attention and use.

2 Welded pipe: There are strict requirements on the thickness of aluminum plates and aluminum coils, and the pattern requirements are fine. It is a relatively small or thin aluminum tube. It is generally used in small objects such as pen tubes and jewelry holders.

(1) Aluminum plate: thickness 0.3mm---180mm width 900mm----2000mm,

(2) Aluminum coil: thickness 0.10mm----12mm width 150mm----2000mm

(3) Pattern aluminum plate: five willow-leaf type, pointer type or customized thickness 1.2mm----8.0mm

Tube: 1060, 2A12, 3A21, 5A02, 6061, 6063, 3003, 5052, 7075, 2011, 2024, 1050, 6068 extruded seamless round tube (flat tube, square tube, oval tube, harmonica tube) outer diameter range: φ20mm~φ300mm wall thickness range: 3mm~40mm 2, drawn pipe outer diameter range: φ4mm~φ280mm wall thickness range: 0.25mm~8.0mm

Material: 1050/1060/3003/5052/2011/2024/2A12/3A21/6061, 6063/6068/7075/LY12/7005

Specifications: outer diameter 4--300; wall thickness 0.25--40

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Oxidized polished aluminum tube1

Oxidized polished aluminum tube

6063Bendable precision aluminum tube 2

6063Bendable precision aluminum tube

7075 Aviation aluminum tube4

7075 Aviation aluminum tube

6082 t251 precision aluminum tube aluminum tube 5

6082 t251 precision aluminum tube aluminum tube

High-precision seamless aluminum tube with large diameter 3

High-precision seamless aluminum tube with large diameter

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